About us

E-Tabletop is a leading, online marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to trade in a wide variety of new and used tabletops, toys and games.
At E-Tabletop, we fully understand how difficult it can sometimes be to get your hands on that rare or exclusive game. On the flip side, we also know that at times you need to make room for more exciting items and, if you had an effective trading or auctioning platform on which to do so, you would be able to raise the money for new toys and games, as well as passing your well-loved games on to a grateful owner. E-Tabletop offers you this service and more!
Our safe and secure online marketplace means that you can browse our site 24/7 for the most wanted tabletops, toys and games in the comfort of your own home. If you have new or good condition items to sell, you can also advertise these on our website, find a buyer and make money for the games you no longer play.

Our Mission

Everything we do at E-Tabletop revolves around YOU. Our mission is to make global equipment sales extremely easy. We aim to provide an excellent and personal customer experience and to create the most intuitive and user-friendly online equipment marketplace in the world. We link buyers to sellers around the world through our platform.

Our Values

Our values are simple, our ideas are big.
The core pillars of our values are trust, transparency, reliability and honesty. We strive to be a creativity and respect-driven company that takes our responsibility to customer seriously. You’ll plainly see our values manifested in everything we do. From working only with established and verifiably trustworthy sellers, to our transparent and open sales process, you’ll come to see just how much we believe in our ideals.

At E-Tabletop, our ultimate goal is to see our users getting the most out of their toys and games (and we love a good bargain, too)!

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