What is E-tabletop.com Marketplace?
E-tabletop.com is a Marketplace for both sellers and buyers. E-tabletop.com is a platform for sellers to list and sell their products to buyers online. The platform is a linkage between potential buyers and sellers.
Role of e-tabletop.com Marketplace
What is the role of e-tabletop.com in the transaction?
Can e-tabletop.com guarantee the transaction?
E-tabletop.com Marketplace is a platform where you can buy from different sellers through their e-shops. E-tabletop.com itself does not sell any product. We facilitate seller to sell their products online through e-tabletop.com Marketplace. Buyers enter into transaction with sellers and not e-tabletop.com.
What kinds of products are available on marketplace?
E-Tabletop is a leading, online marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to trade in a wide variety of new and used tabletops, toys and games.
Buyer's FAQ
My Account
Do I need an account to buy a product on e-tabletop.com?
Yes, we encourage users to take a moment and create an account. This helps us in providing better customer service to you. Once your account is created, you can purchase products and continue shopping from various e-shops on the marketplace. This account created can be used across websites of all the seller organizations on e-tabletop.com marketplace. Please note that you will have to place separate orders with each of the e-shops.
How can I register with e-tabletop.com?
At e-tabletop.com, we have designed an extremely easy and hassle-free registration process to create your account. Users can simply register by clicking on ‘Register’ option that is provided at the top right corner of the home page and complete the registration process by filling the required information.
How to retrieve and/or change my password?
To retrieve or change your password you can visit e-tabletop.com and visit the login page. Here, you can enter your email id and click on the ‘Have you forgotten your password’ after which a new password will be sent to your registered email id.
How can I buy products on e-tabletop.com?
Log in to e-tabletop.com Marketplace website and check the various products displayed on the websites by various sellers and purchase the products that his of interest to you.
How can I check whether my order is confirmed?
Once your order is placed, you should receive an email confirmation with the details of the order. Alternatively, you can also log in and verify your order in the ‘My Orders’ section. If you still need any clarifications, we are just a call away on support numbers listed on the website.
How can I check the status of my order?
Customers are kept updated with the status of their order through e-mail. Buyers can also monitor their order by logging in and click on ‘My Orders’ to view the order status.
What are the terms of payment for orders placed on e-tabletop.com eCommerce sites?
Most of the sellers on e-tabletop.com support PayPal payment options. Cash on delivery is not an option. You can view the specific “terms & conditions” of the e-Shops which is provided as a link in the footer of the website.
What are the terms of delivery for the order placed on e-tabletop.com sites?
Delivery terms are defined for each e-shop separately. Most sellers on e-tabletop.com ship the products within 3-7 days of receiving the order. International delivery timelines vary from country to country. You can view the specific “terms & conditions” of the e- Shops which is provided as a link in the footer of the website.
How can I get in touch with a seller about a product?
Users can directly get in touch with the sellers regarding any sort of questions related to the products with the help of their contact information that is provided on their respective e-shops. Buyers can also contact e-tabletop.com at info@e-tabletop.com for further support.
Seller's FAQ
How can I sell products on e-tabletop.com?
E-tabletop.com facilitates co-operatives and community based organizations to market and/or sells their products online.
How can I register with e-tabletop.com?
At e-tabletop.com, we have designed extremely simple and hassle-free steps to set up your e-shop on e-tabletop.com.
Click on ‘Register’ link located at the top right corner of the home page
Now, under user registration click on the ‘Register Seller’
This takes you to the registration window with various fields such as email, name of the seller, logo, tagline, and so on that have to be filled.
Filling this information will successfully assist users in setting up their e-shops on e-tabletop.com.
Product Catalogs
Can e-tabletop.com help me in creating my product catalogs?
Product pictures, descriptions, specifications are required to create a product catalog which is essential for online marketing. E-tabletop.com does not assist our sellers in creating your product catalogs.
Do I have to pay for adding or updating products in the e-listing?
Based on the subscription of ecommerce or eListing services, sellers are allowed to create and maintain a product catalog for specific number of products. There are no charges for updating the products as long as the number of products does not exceed the maximum number of products subscribed by the seller.
Order Cancellation, Returns and Refund
Can orders be cancelled on e-tabletop.com?
E-tabletop.com provides a platform for various sellers to sell their products through their respective e-shops on the e-tabletop.com marketplace. We encourage each and every seller to define their terms and conditions on their websites. Buyers should verify these terms before placing the order. In a standard scenario, orders placed can be cancelled only in following circumstances:
Order placed is in ‘pending’ status.
The products on order are not in stock
Orders cannot be cancelled if the order status is ‘processing’ as the shipping process would have already begun.
How can I cancel an order?
In the circumstances listed above, the orders placed can be cancelled by logging in on the website, going to ‘My Orders’ menu. You can select the order and cancel it. You should receive the confirmation email regarding cancellation of the order.
Can I return a product already delivered to my address? What is the process for sales return?
The orders delivered cannot be returned except in the following scenarios:
The product delivered is completely different from the one on the order. Please note that it is difficult for the seller to support the return/replacement requests for minor colour differences.
The products delivered are in damaged condition.
If your order qualifies for return, you should inform the customer support immediately on the receipt of the order through a call as well as email. If possible, attach the pictures of the product as well. You should receive a response from the seller support team regarding your return request. Once your return request is approved, please courier back to the address provided by seller customer support team. Buyers should retain the proof of dispatch and confirm the receipt of products returned with seller customer support team.
How am I charged for online transactions?
E-tabletop.com offers PayPal as modes of online transactions which charges are applicable. The payment gateway charges a certain transaction charges based on the mode of the transaction. These charges will be detailed out in the payment gateway proposal for specific seller.
How does e-tabletop.com make money?
We only facilitate the buying and selling of products on our website for free. We do not charge a penny on the buyer and seller.
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